The Controllers have nearly taken over. They are currently exploiting and draining the psychic energy and resources of our world, casting a pallor of disgruntled unease over the minds of everyone, who instinctively sense that something
is terribly wrong. The Controllers are malevolent conscious energies that are able to slip between the 3rd and 4th dimensions through brain implanted chips in carefully-selected people... people with rare psychic abilities.
My friend Curt is one of those unfortunate portals. Curt and
I became friends in 1981 at 12 years old in a Middle School near Seattle. Even then, he had a special gift of second sight, picking numbers out of my head and other startling precognitive insights, and a gifted spontaneous poet. I trust Curt when he tells me something.
In March of 1999, I was recording a CD called 'Listen' with brilliant guitarist Loren Lewis when Curt came bursting into the studio, quite upset. He sat cross-legged on the floor and spoke for an hour about how he had been tricked into consenting to have a brain implant installed in his head, and it was transmitting and receiving information faster than
he could keep up. He was NOT ON DRUGS, and he was so emotionally adamant that I kept an open mind.
He reminded me about some papers that we had stumbled across in 1986 called ‘Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars’. A mutual friend had found them INSIDE of a Xerox machine purchased from an Army Surplus auction, taped inside.
Now easily searchable online: at the time it was (and remains) a terrifying declaration of war on society, and
much of what we read then is happening now. Only a few copies of this document were printed and circulated, and Curt said the same people were working with The Controllers to exploit and drain energy from our dimension.

What was I supposed to DO with that?
19 years later:

Listen2Daze – a 48+ hour album that details over 400 songs on 39 CDs (Chapters) what happened to Curt in the intervening years, lengthy, poetic voice mails mixed with recordings of him dating back to 1981 where, true to form, questions he asks are answered by his own voices from the past. Many of his wild premonitions are actually coming true, and technological advancements that sounded like fiction 10 years ago are now implemented on a daily basis. 
As you listen to Listen2Daze for two days:

1. Complete the 40-piece puzzle, made up of the 39 CD slipcase front covers and the booklet;

2. Discover as many visual pairings as you can within the completed image (there are dozens);

3. Overlay the CDs upon the puzzle, (cover up the Chapter numbers when they overlap);

4. The CDs themselves physically spell out the first Secret Word. What is it?

5. The new full image created by the CD art is a visual pun. Can you peg it?

6. There is a 2nd Secret Word which can be discovered by following the chapter sequence of the CDs as you observe them upon the puzzle.

7. During the 400th song’s final seconds, you must close the psychokinetic circuit by placing the original ‘Listen’ CD upon the puzzle. Look closely at Chapter 39's CD art to locate where ‘Listen’ fits upon the puzzle. This next step is crucial! Critical!

 8. Speak aloud the 2nd Word simultaneously with ‘Listen’s contact with the puzzle at The End!

9. Play the Memory/Concentration Game by locating matching pairs of images on the back covers of the puzzle: 40 covers = 20 pairings;

10. Reunite the CDs in their slipcases and reassemble the box.
This album is dedicated to my friend Curt.
May it have the effect I intend when he finally hears it!

Music Bio:
Listen2Daze has been in creation for nearly 20 years.

Virtuoso guitarist Bill Barkley and I recorded nearly 53 hours of music in 22 months. 3-4 nights per week, we'd set out to challenge our musical skills and experiment with sounds, textures, and let our souls fly unencumbered by any Earthly concerns - this music was not intended for release! It was evoked purely from our imaginations and, unlike most popular music, not refined into a powder and reshaped into a 'song' by committees and nervous radio-conscious record label executives.

Here, the whole-grain moments of pure discovery are left intact and then decorated with vocals, additional instruments, and Curt Clues. Bill and I had developed such a strong musical connection, we could anticipate the other's musical thoughts and create compositions first-take and move on to the next utilizing entirely different sounds and rhythms than the last. Instant Psychic Songcraft.

Since, I have been adding thousands of additional sounds and voices, harvesting old cassettes (1981-1999) for Curt's voice, shaping the storyline, writing piles of lyrics and enlisting powerful vocalists to perform them, conceiving the artwork and puzzles and boxes, and trimming out any music that was less than 100% inspired, reducing the running time to a reasonable 48 hours, 57 minutes, and 17 seconds.

We've inadvertantly created the longest original concept album in human history. It just happened to be this long. 

Greg McClellan

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